My first website was a masterpiece in my eyes. A gigantic Ferrari scrolling across the page with a marquee effect, amazing! From 5th Grade on I’ve always had a passion for the creation of websites. Creating websites has become an outlet to turn my ideas into real products in the real world. Every new language or technique I discover is a new opportunity for me to make my dreams come true.


Master of computers, wizard of technology, the chosen one. All of these things I was until the day I entered the business IT world. Office printers are the real wizards I learned. Areas encountered are workgroups, domains, firewalls, industrial switches, servers, user level email, drive imaging, drive mapping, active directory users and computers, remote sessions, VPN networks, one on one meetings, MSP installations, and much more.


Throughout the years I have accumulated a decent amount of production experience. From Windows Movie Maker to Sony Vegas Pro I developed a valuable perspective on the depth of video editing. I’ve worked on projects including music videos, animated lyrics music videos, hip-hop music videos, sports highlight tapes, YouTube management, and all basic functions of video editing software.


Detailed Job History

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Skills & Endorsements

Schooling & Interests

A screenshot preview of my Linked In page, this is where you can find my most updated experience list.


Here is a list of Service and Systems that I have worked with in the Business IT Field.

SOFTWARE Microsoft Office 2008 to 365 Photoshop CC Dreamweaver CC Adobe Bridge CC Google Chrome Browser Mozzilla Firefox Browser Quickbooks 2010 and Up Printer Driver Installs Word Press Portals Etc.
TOOLS WSUS Offline MailPV DeCrapifer Solar Winds Nable Connectwise Manage DATTO Carbonite Active @ Recovery Kon Boot Linux Mint Virtual Clone Drive Daemon Tools FileZilla Google API’s Etc.
ADMINISTRATION Active Directory Print Management Group Policy Deployment OS Services CMD Batch Scripts Automation Polices Nable AVG Cloudcare Portal Symantec Cloud Portal GoDaddy Reseller Freshbooks Server Backup NAS Portals Bluehost Portals GoDaddy Portals Network Solutions Portals DROA Portals Etc.

"If you desire something bad enough, it will find a way into your life."


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